Vision and mission

A vibrant group of revolutionary educators, responsible global citizens, and champions of their own success striving for an all-round excellence.

The Ummed School aims at imparting the Holistic education and virtues that promote the feeling of life-long learning in a student. We are committed to creating change makers of tomorrow whose ability of critical thinking combined with state-of-the-art education and global knowledge make the best contributions to the ever-growing world. We ensure the world with efficient leaders of emerging global economy empowered with skilled and competent minds. The students, at our institutions, are carved with the perfection of experiment-based knowledge that helps them gain the much needed practical as well as theoretical knowledge to understand the world and overcome the challenges for a better shape of local and global communities.
In other words, our mission is to help the students of all nationalities savor a learning atmosphere that contributes to a well-organized and future-oriented holistic education anchored in a rigorous academic programme. We nurture students to be independent life-long learners imbued with sound moral values who are respectful and responsible, and who rise to the challenges of life artistically and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world.

The Ummed School has a supreme foundation based on our Core Value System that distinguishes us.

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Respect (Aadara)

We take pride in nurturing the young minds to exemplify the noble notion of recognizing the worth and dignity of every individual (including oneself), regardless of their background, abilities, and beliefs. Self-respect is the prime route to achieve the quality of respecting everyone who surrounds you. Once you identify and appreciate your own strengths and vulnerabilities, it paves ways for a better understanding of the values in others and respecting them. We ensure that our students are aware of other’s feelings and rights, and honor them equally.

Responsibility (Zimmedari)

Our school instills the belief that each and every action impacts individuals around us. Driven by the value of being responsible, students embrace opportunities to contribute and make a difference. They understand that it is essential to own up and be accountable for duties that not only influence their own lives but that of others in the society.

Integrity (Akhandata)

In today’s tempting world, the value of integrity brings the right balance of ethics and morality to the life. This solid foundation of ethics learned at a tender age will ensure our students always follow the path of righteousness, moral uprightness, truthfulness and honesty. A relationship built on integrity will help our students flourish and stand for what is right bravely irrespective of the challenges that they come across.

Harmony (Saamanjasya)

Diversity is the art of thinking independently while you stay together in a community. We embrace all differences and believe that the idea of ideal harmony is possible when all the core values are practiced in spirit. Our school epitomizes a society where students and teachers from varied backgrounds and diverse beliefs work in harmony to contribute to a better world.
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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will