Our Infrastructure

A vibrant group of revolutionary educators, responsible global citizens, and champions of their own success striving for an all-round excellence.

The Ummed School is located away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city and exhibits the art of innovative design and architecture through its phenomenal architecture. As the maximum time of early student life is spent on the campus, every part of the school building has been professionally planned to provide them with a value-based learning experience. The building stands firm on the foundation of effectual team-work and promotes socialization.
Not only the standards of education, we also ensure our students with an infrastructure that perfectly combines the beauty of nature with the elegance of architectural aesthetics. While well-lit ventilated classrooms confirm a teaching and learning experience par excellence, sprawling lawns, yoga house, horse riding, hockey and football grounds along with many others offer the physical and mental development of students as they explore more possibilities of success in the world of sports and vocational opportunities. Thus, the infrastructure of the Ummed School is a great epitome of class and culture that helps us realize our dreams of creating a world with extraordinary individuals, into reality.
Besides all the facilities, safety is one of the facets that is of utmost priority for any building. Catering to this very important aspect are the safety equipments which are recommended by national and international certification standards. This makes it one of the safest places on earth thus offering an experience that is purely focused on curbing one’s desire to learn and grow.

Our Prominent Amenities

Computer Lab

Technology and computers have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Thus the knowledge of computing helps you take a leap into wider choices of routes that you can choose to achieve your aims. At Ummed School, we provide students with computer labs that are spacious and well furnished. Enriched with the latest technology, the labs ensure that students not only master their curriculum but are also exposed to the much-needed trending facets and market advancements. This also guarantees the students a clear understanding of the subject through practical learning.

Science Lab

Evolution of a better world is not possible without a strong scientific base. With our well-ventilated and up-to-date science labs, we ensure that our students learn and explore the world of science to excel great heights in future. In addition to providing a better understanding of the subject, this also helps the students to develop the art of logical thinking and to question every necessary aspect.

Multipurpose Hall

The majestic and sophisticated multipurpose hall is our initiative to nourish the artist in every child. Here the students can explore the magnificent world of music and arts with the help of a wide array of musical instruments and trained professionals.

Audio Visual Room

The school is also enriched with plush audio video setup that serves as a valuable aid, and multimedia facility that helps to make schooling a joyride. This grand aura of splendid learning experience makes sure that the student does not lose interest and hence leverages maximum benefits of the educational classes.

School Library

The world of reading offers the students an exceptional way to learn new things while having a beneficial impact on their overall mental growth. Not only does it allow them to explore and nourish their imaginative and creative skills, but also introduces them to an all-new level of knowledge and trending aspects of the world. The school library offers the scholars with a diverse range of books, newspapers, and journals to shape their skills, knowledge and non-cognitive skills to perfection.

Games and Sports Facilities

We realize the importance of combining physical activities to deliver best in class results that make our student and us stand out from the crowd. Taking inspiration from this, we ensure the balance between high-grade teaching and physical activities using Olympic size playgrounds for the scholars to rejoice magnificent sports and exercises. In addition to this, the students relish various other opportunities like athletics, independent projects, service learning, special classes, and educational excursions that help us achieve our mission of gifting the best global citizens to the world, which are driven by experiment-based learning.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will